Dental Materials Mcqs for preparation NTS

01. Com posit has _____________?
A Reson
B. filler
C. resin and filler
D.No one

Answer: Resin and filler

02. Used for acrylic resin?
A. Internal restoration
B.The foundation of 
C. denture
D. Above all

Answer: The above

03. Self-treatment should be cured to prevent softening in acrylic resin?
A. Cold water
B. hot water
C. under water
D. Under vacuum pressure

Answer: Under vacuum pressure

04. Mild treatment system, side effect?
O Iris
B. Catrick
C. Conjunctivitis
D. Real loss

Answer: Retinal damage

05. Adding composite resin to dental structures by _____?
A. Covenant bond
B. Ionic bond
C. Mechanical
D underage forces

Answer: Mechanical

06. What is the type of spatula used for mixing?
O plastic
Bless steel
Sea iron
No one

Answer: Plastic

07. Benzene methyl sky in a polymer indicates that they can recover in the presence of ______?
AUL Lite
B. bright light
C.Iffred light
D. Dyke tone

Answer: UL light

08. What is the particle size in micro-filled composites?
A.0.05 to 0.04 mm
B.0.05 to 1.0 microns
C.0.01 to 0.1 cmm
D.0.3 to 0.04 mm

Answer: 0.01 to 0.1 micron

09. What is the most efficient of thermal expansion?
O common man!
B. Acrylic resin
Sea Gold Egypt

Answer: Acrylic resin

10. The latest method of curing dental base results?
A. Hat
B. bright light
C. Chemicals
De lasers

Answer: Visible light

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